Karl Sanford - President

Karl joined the board in January of 2018. He has a background in construction and development, but is currently a co-founder and President of the Manhattan Project Beer Co. The brewery will soon be located in West Dallas on Sulphur St.


Ilknur Ozgur - Vice President

Ilknur Ozgur is a West Dallas resident, a transplant from Chicago, and a first generation Turkish-American. She is the founder of Artstillery, a non-profit experimental performing arts company currently producing a trilogy on cultural identity. By day she is an Architectural and Design Representative, a proud FWDG board member and avid animal rescuer. 


Katherine Homan - Secretary

A ten year FWADG board member, Katherine is currently serving as Secretary. Her partially solar-powered home on Handley Drive in East Kessler Park was recognized in 2011 as the First Comprehensively Green Built Home in the City of Dallas.


Tim Herfel - Treasurer

Tim Herfel’s 30+ years in Federal Government included Captain in the United States Air Force;  Federal Aviation Administration while completing a dual Masters Degree in City and Regional Planning and Public Administration; and working for the Environmental Protection Administration (EPA).  He currently is part owner of the solar company GoSolarGo, Inc.


Deborah Carpenter

Former President of FWADG, Deborah has lived in Western Heights for 30 years and has served on the FWADG board since the group’s inception in 2002.  She served on the FWA TIF board for 8 years and on the land-use-study committee that led to the rezoning of the corridor to PD 714 in 2005.


Seth Davidow

Seth owns and manages Recore Properties, a real estate company acquiring and managing commercial real estate in transitional core neighborhoods of urban Dallas.

He co-founded and co-manages SITE131 Foundation, a public non-profit contemporary art space located in the Design District of Dallas. 


Julia Ousley

An architect and sculptor, Julia is mostly engaged in large scale public work. She runs a sculpture studio in West Dallas and has been a member of the FWADG board for several years where she helps advise the SparepARTS program.


Andrew Ramler

Andrew (AJ) joined the board in January of 2018. He currently works in the multifamily industry as a Director for CBG Building Company. He is also a resident of the corridor and owns and manages several properties in the area.


Ron Veech

Ron Veech has lived in Kessler Park, for 30 years and has served on the FWADG board for more than 8 years. He also serves as a board member for the Kessler Park Neighborhood Association, Kessler Neighbors United. He has been involved in neighborhood beautification projects since moving to the neighborhood in 1988.


OT Yanouri

coming soon…